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Testosterona Therapy

Testosterona therapy has in recent years exploded in popularity, and with each passing year, the popularity continues to grow. For decades, testosterona therapy was reserved for only those suffering from severe diseases, but thanks to many eyes finally being opened the true benefit of this hormone is being realized. As you understand, testosterona is the primary male sex hormone of the androgen class, and when levels fall, and they will with age, we suffer; often tremendously. This suffering shouldn’t come as a surprise; after all, testosterona is essential to our health playing roles that revolve around our physical and sexual health and function as well as playing key roles revolving around our mental capabilities. At any rate, when levels fall we begin to suffer in each area, and in many cases, in ways that severely take away from the individuals overall quality of life.


The Need for Testosterona Therapy:

There are two primary reasons for testosterona therapy; to treat a low testosterona condition and in the treatment of Andropause, a total androgen deficient condition. In both cases, the primary male androgen is in decline, and as such so is your quality of life. Men who suffer from low levels will find many bothersome symptoms to occur, and while women can suffer too, men are primary and our concern here. If you display any of the symptoms associated with a low level condition, there’s a good chance testosterona therapy is for you. Such symptoms include and may not be limited to:

  • Sexual: most will suffer from at least one - Suppressed or Total Loss of Libido
    - Erectile Dysfunction
  • Physique Related: often diet & exercise make little to no difference
    - Loss of Lean Muscle Mass
    - Loss of Strength
    - Increased Body-Fat (often abdominal and lower back)
  • Mental: can come in many forms, but normally once one occurs the others soon follow
    - Lack of Mental Clarity
    - Difficulty Focusing
    - Loss of Memory
  • General Health & Disposition:
    - Insomnia
    - Depression
    - Weakened Immune System
    - Lethargy
    - An open doorway to serious conditions including: Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Obtaining Testosterona Therapy:

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above and if you suffer from one of the sexually related and one more from any category there’s a strong chance you need testosterona therapy; however, it must be confirmed. If you are suffering, a visit to your doctor and a simple blood test can easily determine your total testosterona levels, and in the U.S., if such levels fall below 300ng/dl you are a candidate for testosterona therapy. Some physicians will not prescribe such therapy until you are significantly below 300ng/dl, but this is still a good standard to go by.

In any case, while you can determine your levels through almost any physician that has a means of providing blood results, to receive testosterona therapy a general practitioner is often your last resort; at least it should be. Many general practitioners know very little about testosterona therapy; they’re still stuck in the dark ages regarding anabolic steroidal supplementation. Many of these physicians will beat around the bush, and if you suffer from low levels they will try everything under the sun before providing direct testosterona therapy. Some of these alternative methods can increase your total levels, but it is extremely rare for such an increase to be substantial enough to bring your levels to where they truly need to be.

To receive the testosterona therapy you need, your best bet will always be a hormone specialist, and you have a couple of options. The first option is seeing an endocrinologist, as such physicians deal with hormones specifically; all hormonal issues. This can be an acceptable option, but your best option should it be available will be a visit to a hormone specialist of this nature, such as through a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) clinic; sometimes referred to as a wellness clinic, rejuvenation clinic and in some instances a performance medicine clinic. Such clinics strictly deal in HRT therapy of a testosterona nature and the entire anabolic steroidal class. Here you will find all your questions answered, your concerns will be eliminated, and your condition will be treated with an extraordinarily high rate of success.

The Fear of Testosterona Therapy:

Many men are petrified of testosterona therapy; after all, to receive true therapy you must supplement with the primary anabolic steroid. Over the years, the term “anabolic steroid” has been deemed a “four letter word” and as such the fear ensues. Let’s be clear, very clear; if you undergo testosterona therapy it is because you are lacking in this hormone and you are merely replacing what you no longer produce. You need testosterona, in your case you no longer make enough and to meet this need you must provide it from outside means. As you do so, although it will come in its synthetic form, once in the body your body will not reject it; you are not administering a foreign substance. Your body will not know the difference between testosterona produced naturally or when provided by synthetic means; the functions of the hormone will be the same regardless of the point of origin. In any case, when speaking of testosterona therapy, we’re speaking of providing an essential hormone to your body it needs, and one it is quite accustomed to.

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