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Testosterona Levels

You already know testosterona is an extremely important hormone, but the discussion cannot end there; to receive the benefits of the primary androgen we must display proper testosterona levels. Testosterona levels can vary from man to man quite substantially, and there are several factors that can play into the total levels. From age, to supplementation practices, lifestyle habits and even our own genetic predisposition, all of these factors can affect our total testosterona levels. Of course, some men will naturally have low testosterona levels while others will display high amounts, but each man can carry high testosterona levels through supplementation or even improve levels naturally to a degree; we’ll show you how.


Low Testosterona Levels:

Low testosterona levels are most commonly caused by age; as we age our levels decline; it is inevitable. In the United States, testosterona levels that fall below 300ng/dl are normally considered low, and if this is the case, treatment is normally warranted. Of course, these numbers can also be quite misleading; for example, if you’re normal range is 500ng/dl and then all of a sudden you’re at 350ng/dl you’re going to feel a difference; unfortunately, you probably won’t qualify for treatment. It’s a messed up system, to say the least, but that is a topic best served for another day.

In any case, men who suffer from low testosterona levels can see their lives diminished in many ways. Men who suffer from low levels find their physiques greatly suffer, they lose mass, strength and gain body-fat, but the problems do not end there. In most all cases, some form of sexual dysfunction will occur, such as a loss of libido or erectile dysfunction. Then of course it only gets worse; men who suffer find lethargy, lack of mental clarity, depression and even weakened immune systems to be a large part of the problem, as well as a condition that opens the door to many far more serious complications. Low testosterona levels have been linked to diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis and a host of other serious conditions.

High Testosterona Levels:

Everything that can be said of low testosterona levels can be said of high testosterona levels, except in the complete opposite direction. Men who have high levels do not suffer like men with low levels; in-fact, every area of suffering associated with low levels, men with high levels will find they thrive. Sexual dysfunctions and depression, forget about it; it won’t be a concern. Issues of the physique; men with high testosterona levels carry more lean tissue, they can build more lean tissue, their strength doesn’t falter and they are leaner and tighter than their fellow man.

At any rate, at some point in your life your levels will be higher and then they will begin to fall. Some men may possess naturally occurring testosterona levels of as much as 800ng/dl (although unlikely), but to truly obtain a high level there is as we will see only one true way. In any case, if performance is what you’re after you will need high levels, and that’s precisely what many who seek high levels are after. Even so, even if performance itself is not your concern, if you are simply trying to increase your levels to a suitable range you will follow the same steps to reach this increasing end.

Increase Testosterona Levels:

There are many things we can do to increase our testosterona levels, and while this is true, there are very few ways to increase them in a significant manner. The most common way we can increase our levels is through direct testosterona therapy; we’re referring to the use of the primary anabolic steroid testosterona. It makes sense; if your levels need to go up you need to provide more of what you’re lacking. Another option, and this is truly the only one of any value beyond exogenous testosterona use is the testosterona replacement plan Testerone. Testerone works directly with your androgen production thereby enhancing its efficiency and in-turn increasing your total levels. Further, what makes Testerone so unique is you can purchase it without a prescription.

Beyond the above, there are some foods such as red meat, whole eggs, nuts and salmon that have been shown to increase total levels. Further, ensuring you get enough rest each and every night will play a positive role. Of course, even with all these foods and plenty of sleep the increase will probably be fairly miniscule, but it lends to a more pertinent topic of discussion. As stated early on, as we age our testosterona levels decline, but we can slow the decline down by living a healthy lifestyle. Men who get plenty of rest, consume foods that are friendly to the primary androgen, control their body-fat (excess body-fat can affect testosterona levels negatively) avoid excess alcohol consumption and simply live a healthy and responsible life will slow down the decline.

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