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Side-Effects of Testosterona

Testosterona is one of the most powerful, versatile and important anabolic steroids of all; in-fact, it’s the primary anabolic androgenic steroid that all anabolic steroids owe their existence. Very well-tolerated in healthy adult men, while true there are certain side-effects of testosterona use that we must recognize. As we go over the side-effects of testosterona use, we will find that while they exist they are also largely avoidable; so much so, most all healthy adult men can supplement without any complications. Absolutely; supplementation can be implemented without problematic occurrences, and this is due to an important fact that is often left ignored. The side-effects of testosterona use are possible, and this in no way implies or insinuates them being guaranteed. Of course, individual response and even total dosing will play pivotal roles, as well as our lifestyle practices during supplementation, but successful supplementation is a very possible reality.



Of the possible side-effects of testosterona use, by-and-large they surround the aromatizing nature of the hormone. As testosterona makes its presence known in the body, it will cause an estrogen conversion due to the aromatase enzyme, and this can lead to many problematic effects. Of course, the more testosterona we have in our blood the more there is to aromatize, but this doesn’t mean high amounts cannot be tolerated. At any rate, as this conversion process takes place, some of the most common side-effects associated with anabolic steroid use can occur:

  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Gynecomastia
  • Water Retention

These are the primary side-effects of testosterona use, but more important is the fact each and everyone are extremely easy to avoid. Remember, for successful use you must supplement responsibly, and part of responsible supplementation means you are a healthy adult male supplementing with reasonable doses. If you meet this criterion, you’ll find supplementing with an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) to significantly serve you. AI’s do exactly what their name implies; they inhibit the aromatase process, and further reduce the total amount of estrogen in the body. As estrogen is now prohibited from increasing to unsuitable levels, the primary side-effects of testosterona use cannot occur; problem solved.

Inconsequential Effects:

There are two specific side-effects of testosterona use that are assured in all who supplement, but the good news is they are of a strong inconsequential nature. The two side-effects of testosterona in this instance are interconnected and revolve around your own natural production of the primary androgen; we’re speaking of natural suppression and testicular atrophy. When you supplement with any form of exogenous testosterona your natural production is suppressed, and as it is suppressed your testicles will shrink. While this is assured, once use is discontinued, and all anabolic steroids have cleared your system your natural production will begin again and your testicles will return to their normal size. For those who are still concerned; after all, testicular atrophy sounds horrific, remember atrophy only refers to losing a little fullness; we’re not talking about anything of any strong or significant nature or that will change your life in any way.

The Importance of Health:

We continue to infer the importance of one’s overall health, and that is not without cause. Testosterona can be very safe to use, but if you’re not a healthy adult male, if you suffer from high cholesterol or blood pressure you can find you’re playing with fire. Further, the lifestyle choices you make during supplementation are tremendously influential; anything you do to add stress to the body is just that; adding stress to the body, and can lead to further complications. It’s extremely important to remember, the idea behind testosterona supplementation is to enhance what you’re already doing; to take what you’re doing right and to simply do it a little better. If you’re doing things right, this means you’re eating a healthy diet, you’re in a good state of health, and you’re avoiding excess alcohol consumption or anything else that might be deemed stressful to the body. If this sounds like you, then the side-effects of testosterona use can be avoided, and a positive experience can be enjoyed.

Mental Side-Effects of Testosterona:

One of the side-effects of testosterona use we hear about on a regular basis is that of roid rage, and we’re here to tell you, it is an absolutely false claim. Roid rage refers to an anabolic steroid causing an individual to act in a violent manner; a manner that would not be displayed without the anabolic steroid. It is true; testosterona does play a role revolving around mental function; memory, clarity of thought and focus are all affected by this primary male hormone, and even our general disposition can be affected; those with low levels are often depressed. However, when it comes to aggressive behavior and the individual’s ability to make proper choices of this nature, testosterona plays no role. What one does with any aggression they may or may not have is still in their control, the hormone does not alter the mind, and it does not mutate ones personality in any way. The effects of testosterona on the brain in this regard have been shown to be so small, every study has indicated they are either too small to measure, or they simply don’t exist at all. The point, the only point; the side-effects of testosterona play no role in this regard, and to insinuate otherwise only infers idiocy or a desire to blatantly lie.

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