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Increase Testosterona

When our testosterona levels fall, we suffer, and when we increase testosterona levels we thrive; it truly is that simple. It’s no secret; simple, basic yet enormously powerful testosterona is one of the most important and beneficial hormones of all, and when your levels increase so does the efficiency of many areas in your life. Of course, there are only a few ways to increase testosterona levels, and only two will provide a significant measure. Even so, some may be unaware of how dramatically such an increase can improve your life, but the truth will soon be revealed.


Why Increase Testosterona?

As the primary androgen, this is a hormone that plays many roles in your body, and as such there are two primary reasons for increasing your total levels. As you age your levels will decline, and increasingly this is becoming a very popular reason to increase testosterona levels. Look at all the commercials and advertisements’ discussing “Low T” and it’s easy to see such a condition is finally garnering the recognition it deserves. Millions upon millions of men suffer from low levels, and through simple therapeutic measure, total levels can be increased. Men who suffer from low levels find their physique and sexual functionality both suffer, and so do their energy levels and even mental capabilities. By bringing levels back to a suitable range, the individual sees the problems rapidly fade away, and more importantly sees his quality of life vastly improved.

Another reason to increase testosterona levels, and this is the most common reason of all is to enhance performance. Testosterona plays vital roles revolving around total anabolic and metabolic activity, and as such, when levels are increased we thrive in both regards. When we increase testosterona for this purpose, we are increasing our total levels far beyond what can be naturally obtained lending to us the ability to do several things we could not do otherwise. With high levels, we are able to build more mass and strength, and just as importantly, we are able to do so while minimizing fat gain. Further, when it comes time to drop body-fat, we can now burn fat at a more efficient rate, and more importantly, burn fat while maintaining the muscle mass we already possess; a function that is virtually impossible without high levels.

Naturally Increase Testosterona:

There are two primary ways to increase testosterona through pure, natural means, or more specifically through our actions in our everyday life; food and sleep. Specific foods have been shown to increase testosterona levels, especially those of a dietary fat nature. Of course, you don’t want just any fat; specific fat based foods have been shown to be far more effective. Foods such as lean cuts of red meat, whole eggs, salmon and nuts and legumes have all been shown to increase testosterona levels. Beyond food, simply ensuring you get enough sleep each and every night can improve your baseline levels, as inadequate rest prevents your levels from peaking. These two things combined, the right foods and adequate sleep will do more for you than most any over the counter testosterona booster, but the total increase will still be quite insignificant when compared to our two primary increasing methods.

Increase Testosterona with Testerone:

Testerone is a total testosterona replacement program that will increase your total testosterona quite substantially; it can increase total production by as much as 50%. By its natural mode of action, Testerone works directly with your natural androgen production and simply makes it more efficient. Through this direct correlating action, you will increase testosterona levels by simply enhancing the body’s ability to manufacturer more of this primary androgen. This is an extraordinarily safe and effective way to meet your desired increasing goal and just as crucial, you can legally obtain Testerone without a prescription as it is not an anabolic steroid or a steroid precursor. Working with the natural production you already possess, Testerone will increase testosterona levels safely and naturally.

Increase Testosterona with Anabolic Steroids:

There is one way to increase testosterona levels not only with assurance, but we can increase testosterona to the highest possible level we could ever desire. We’re speaking of course of anabolic steroids, and more specifically the anabolic steroid testosterona. This certainly shouldn’t come as a surprise; after all, although synthetic in nature, exogenous testosterona is the same as what you naturally produce, the body makes no distinguishing difference. Of course, the initial point of origin is quite different, but once in the body the traits the hormone carries are one in the same.

In any case, if this is a route you decide to take you must make yourself aware of the law as it pertains to where you live. In many countries, you can supplement with exogenous testosterona as freely as you drink water, but in places such as the U.S., you must have a prescription, and you cannot obtain a prescription for performance purposes. Regardless of the case, your purpose or where you live, there are five forms of administration available, and while each will increase testosterona levels they are not equal in effectiveness. The five common forms include:

  • Oral Capsule – Common form: Android
  • Transdermal Patch – Common form: AndroDerm
  • Transdermal Gel – Common form: AndroGel
  • Subcutaneous Implant Pellet – Common form: Testopel
  • Injectable Testosterona – Common forms: Testosterona-Cypionate, Testosterona-Enanthate, Testosterona-Propionate, Testosterona-Suspension, Omndren, Sustanon-250
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